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Artwork Requirements

We accept artwork in the following graphics programs:

Adobe Illustrator (AI) or CorelDraw (CDR). All in native format-as it was created. Current programs we use are Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CorelDraw 11.

We can also accept PDF & EPS files. Art must be Editable Vector Art.

Important: Before submitting any electronic art, all fonts must be converted to curves or outlines.

PLEASE: No scanned, embedded or placed images, No JPEG, GIF, DOC, PSD or PICT files, as these are Bitmap files and can not be changed or manipulated. These file formats are generally low resolution -- only suitable for viewing on-screen or on the web -- not for printing and cannot be appropriately modified.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Simply saving a bitmap file (JPEG, GIF, DOC, PSD, bmp or PICT) as an EPS does NOT convert it to vector art.  It still remains a bitmap, just with another extension and is not usable.  Usually, logos were originally created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and then converted to other formats. Try and find the native file. It would usually have one of the following extensions: AI or CDR.

If you do not have proper artwork files, we can convert your art for you. Our art charge is approximately $40 per hour. Time involved converting your art depends on the quality and complexity of the design. If you would like to discuss your design, please send us what you have and we will get back to you with our suggestions and/or a quote for us to convert your design to vectored art. Basic Levels of art :

Basic logos: text only or simple logo with little or no text.

Design layouts: artwork with moderate level of detail, combinations of multiple designs, etc.

Complex designs: high level of detail, many colors with gradients and effects. These images are very difficult and time consuming to recreate.

Some standards fonts include the following. You can also check out www.dafont.com for downloadable fonts.

Art can be emailed to: art@darcgraphics.com

For verification, please send PDF file along with vectored art OR fax a copy of your design to 410-771-0776. Please include your order and contact information along with fax or email.

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